UIS Wellness Day 2013

Currently Springfield Health Check Provides services to many local companies in Springfield, Illinois.  We serve five state agencies including DHS, ISBHE, Department of Agriculture, HFS, and the Illinois Emergency Management Association.

The impacts we make together!


“One younger man came to our blood pressure and glucose screening, because his family had a history of diabetes. After getting his blood sugar tested his results were extremely high. Our registered nurses told him that he need to see his physician as soon as possible for further care. The best part of this was the support that he immediately received from his four friends who were standing beside him.”  -  Alterna-care

“After meeting a woman at an event this spring, I have now seen her at Alzheimer’s education programs and I have had a few additional conversations.  She has been able to really come to terms with her mother’s diagnosis.  She has taken steps and plans now to make the most of the future.”  -  Alzheimer’s Association

“We were able to reach out to a man who had been suffering with Type 2 diabetes for most of his adult life. He was not aware of the myplate guidelines and found that to be a beneficial way to help control his disease. He had not visited to doctor for quite a few years, but he told us that he would be setting up an appointment right away. We inspired him to start taking control of his health.”  -  County Market

“At a recent event a participant was alarmed with the result of their elevated blood glucose level. After suggesting they follow up with their
personal physician we were able to provide them with basic information on the signs and symptoms of diabetes and a free blood glucose monitor to use in the home.”  -  Interim Health Care

“Participants were very surprised to see the extensive sun damage the Dremascan showed. They all received encouragement to see dermatologist , use 30 SPF sunscreen & cover up w/wide brimmed hat & sunglasses.”  -  Memorial Medical Center

“At a recent Springfield Health Check event we met a woman who had been suffering with daily headaches for over four months and had very little relief over that time.  After assessing her spine it was determined that she had extremely limited motion in her upper neck and mid back.  She is now completely headache free and wishes she would have known that we could do something for her much sooner.”  -  The Chiropractor’s

“Many employees stopped to talk -   In a discussion with one mother, I could see her get a glimpse of understanding of how her behavior might be affecting how her child is handling certain situations in school.  While the mother was initially resistant to the thought that changing her behavior might help her child, I know she is thinking about changing what she says and/or does, in front of her child.” – Parent Help Line

“We shared an application for cell phones – Walking Mate – that monitors your steps and coverts steps to miles walked and calories burned per day. This application also has a health diary to meet individual needs. In addition, information and materials were shared to help reduce the stress of “talking to your teens about drugs.”  -  Family Guidance Center

“Talked with several folks about testicular cancer, they were not aware it existed, spoke to many moms with sons in age range, 15-40, who gladly took info to share with sons.”  -  Memorial Medical Center


Thank you to the SHC providers for serving the employees of Sangamon County!

The Sangamon County Employee Wellness Committee would like to thank you and all the providers for making the 2012 Sangamon County Employee Wellness Fair a great success.  The feedback we have gotten from employees has been very positive.  The interactive nature of the booths provided information and screenings  that can be used as tools by the attendees to promote wellness and improve health.  The providers were engaging and helpful.  All this combined to meet our hopes for the event.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again,

Linda Wheeland

Chair, Sangamon County Employee Wellness Committee


Department of Agriculture

“Our employees were really happy with this event. It wasn’t like your average health fair where you get a pen and a pamphlet. Very engaging and informative. We had a great turnout for our first time and I expect even more interest next time once the word gets out.”


Examples of Making a Difference for employees and their employer! Early detection of chronic health issues can mean less time off work, a win-win for both the employee and employer!

We found a lady who had a blood glucose level of over 450 (the desired range is 80-120) and were able to catch this and she is going to schedule an appointment with her doctor to look into it.

MMC bone density screens: Everyone was interested in the information provided about Osteoporosis, risk factors, exercises at different ages in life, calcium and vitamin D intake needed per day for men & women of all age groups.

I helped get home healthcare services set up for a woman’s husband that I met at the event. With her decline in health she hasn’t been able to take care of her husband like she used to and both of their health have declined. Our services will not only help the husband who needs home nursing/therapy but it should help her health as well since she will be able to focus more on her own health. Often times we see caregivers not caring for their own health because they are so focused on caring for another individual.

One woman who stopped by the booth had already tested her home for radon and needed to find a professional to reduce her radon level. I am sending her names of radon professionals and she will reduce her risk for lung cancer. This was a well educated group and the opportunity to assist was wonderful.

Met 5 young men from another country who had not heard of testicular cancer.

We had a young woman show up at our booth with multiple questions on what affects your credit score, she had the complete wrong impression. We were able to give her excellent advice and she felt the value of our presence.

We met with several attendees who were caregivers and appreciated the information we had available at our booth. Ben Brown from Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance, Foundation explained Powere of Attorney for Health Care and Power of Attorney for Personal Property. He assisted a few attendees at the event complete the POA form.