SHC Workplace Wellness Program Development

The focus is SHC’s growth is guiding companies in the creation of a wellness program for specifically for their employees interest and needs.  SHC’s approach to Workplace Wellness addresses health issues from a human resource framework.  Healthy programing works to impact productivity, attendance, turn-over rates and health care costs.  Development of a wellness committee and of a program developed specifically for their workforce, is a wellness approach support by the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  This includes demographic assessment, program development, and education to support a healthy workplace culture.  SHC provides information on many free and -cost resources and activities which companies may adopt for a healthier work place.   Often a wellness program is given to a group of employees who already have busy jobs.  The necessary skills, tasks, information and resources required to develop an effective wellness program take time to develop.  SHC provides many of the needed tools as well as the experience to efficiently develop a targeted wellness program.

Assessment and Program Creation:

  • Meet with Wellness or HR decision maker
  • Interview leadership and benefits persons – current efforts, priorities, budget, goals
  • Assess environment for wellness culture – vending, exercise room, community fitness agreements
  • Conduct questionnaire – all levels – on line
  • Prioritize focus and activities
  • Create a plan

Wellness Culture Program Development:

  • Calendar – beginning with kick-off event
    • SHC – wellness event (metrics)
  • Email texts (8)
  • Fliers
  • Lunch and Learn – series
  • Program options/tools (calendar, bmi, calorie burner, blogs)
  • Vending machine changes
  • Employee recognition and rewards

Follow up and support:

  • Meeting with wellness committee and/or HR representative to ajust and evaluate programming

Fee Schedule:

Services include up to eight (8) hours.
Fees based on number of employees (full and part-time):

  • 50 or fewer= $295.00
  • 51-150 = $395.00
  • 151- 300 = $495.00
  • 301+ = request information

Additional hours will be billed at $50.00 per hour.   This tier of service is SHC’s effort to be self-staining and continue to provide free wellness events.

A no cost presentation is available to share the information and several of the resources SHC has found effective.

Please email to request a time: